Del Fio Group

Tecnoconference Europe - Del Fio Group

It is a company that is always "one step ahead" in the communications technologies: Tecnoconference Europe – Del Fio Group is based in Rome and is one of the main suppliers of hi-tech products and services for the meeting industry in central Italy as a whole, in terms of revenues, number of events, number of employees and active clients.


  • A complete range of equipment and devices to meet all the requirements of different kinds of meetings.
  • A skilled and continuously trained technical team.
  • Major investments in the state-of-the-art equipment.

The Founder

Silvio Del Fio, who gives his name to the Group, has been engaged in the congress industry, first as a professional and then as an entrepreneur, since the Sixties, when the entire industry was in its infancy, and due to his long experience is now considered as a leading expert of the Italian congress system.

Having founded and directed, for many years, other companies that specialize in providing technologies for events, in 1990 he decided to go one step further. Thus Tecnoconference Europe – Del Fio Group was born.

Forty years of experience thinking about tomorrow. The ambition to serve the market leads to incessant research and development, but mainly to invest fresh and young human resources, able to imagine the future according to the best tradition of the brand. This corporate consistency bears the name of Davide Del Fio, the founder's son, long involved in the company, accomplished to continue his father's efforts.


Meetings have become an essential part in the life of both institutions and enterprises. They are the best source of networking as well as a valuable communication means. Moreover, they have an excellent cost/benefit ratio.

Meetings are successful only if they manage to engage their audience, who must feel involved and completely part of them. They should go back with a long-lasting memory. Meetings are also supposed to maximize the effectiveness of the message and to give the sponsors an adequate visibility of their brand. And this market consistently shows that the privileged tools to achieve this goal are technologies: audio, video, lights.

Tecnoconference Europe was born in 1990 and, under the management of Silvio Del Fio, has achieved very significant results in terms of number of customers, as well as of awareness and expertise. A characteristic that has been well summarized in the institutional claim: a dazzling technology.

Twenty-five years. So much has passed since that day in 1990 when Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group was born in Rome. Today it is a very successful provider of technology for communication events. Since 1999, when Silvio Del Fio – one of the leading experts of the Italian meetings industry – fully took it over, «the company», he himself tells us, «has experienced an unstoppable growth phase, which still continues, coming to be the largest provider of technology products and services for events, in central Italy, in terms of turnover, number of events, number of employees, number of active customers».

A very significant milestone, achieved through hard daily work, and thanks to a full range of facilities and equipment for all needs expressed by the different types of event, as well as to an advanced and constantly updated technical team, and to constant main investments in new plants and equipment.
From 1999 Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group is in the backstage of all major events held in our country, at the apex of political communication (often at an international level), as well as of the economic, scientific and medical and corporate ones.

Just as an example we mention the L’Aquila (2009) and Genoa (2001) G8 Summits, the Economy and Labour G8 Summits held in Rome in 2009 as well, the NATO-Russia Summit in Pratica di Mare, the Summit of Heads of State and Government during the Italian Presidency of the European Union, and countless others on which for reasons of length we have to skirt the issue.

The events to which Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group contributes stand to become authentic multimedia show, where giant projections, skilful lighting effects and a powerful and uniform sound radiation "wrap" audiences arousing a strong emotional and motivational impact, and giving a result which is unanimously recognized as unique. «Technology», considers Silvio Del Fio, «is the “pick” towards events really able to excite. And it is important that the audience get involved, because only then they will take away the lasting impression that maximizes the message’s effectiveness.

Obviously, in the twenty-first century, the preferred means to achieve such a result is technology.

This is our reason for being, as well as the guideline to everything we do: dazzling to communicate, and communicating to dazzle».
A guideline including a comprehensive service for all types of events and exhibitions, from creative project – with concept development – to the set-up, from technical development to production, planning, coordination and direction, up to post-event services, and then again to design and implementation of multimedia meeting rooms (for which Tecnoconference Europe provides complete specializing advice), as well as a dedicated technical support to facility managers during site inspections or on special requests: an active and comprehensive advice so that the plant may fully respond to the progress of commitments and requirements. All this let the company obtain an important trademark such as the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001.

A memory of these twenty-five years? «There would be many», concludes Del Fio. «But I would say that the most rewarding experience was the G8 Summit in L'Aquila: a very difficult task, partly because of environmental conditions, giving us the deep satisfaction of successfully contributing to bring together Barack Obama, Nicholas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, Dmitry Medvedev as well as all the other power holders of the Earth, and let them discuss. I wish to finally add a heart-felt “thank you” to our whole team, for the work done, for their commitment, passion and quality. In these years I got to know and appreciate the ability of each one of my staff members, without whom it would have been impossible to do what we did».