Led screens 

Led screens, real step 4.8, with DVi/UTP communication system as well as embedded software for graphics video content management, in a cast aluminum structure with coupling Fast Block system and micro modules with magnetic attachment for maintenance.

Video projections

From video projections on big screens to multi-videoprojections, as well as multimedia set-ups and multiple screens or Led screens, which allow images to "wrap" the audience. Projectors with very high resolution and brightness, from 2,500 up to 20,000 Ansi/lumen.

Full HD shooting and video recording

Full HD digital Broadcast cameras fully equipped with studio accessories as well as video directing Full HD "fly" systems; shooting devices by Cranes/Jibs, Steadycam, Autodome.

Post production

All that is necessary to upgrade the video shootings in an ever- lasting movie piece. Video synthesis of the meeting with on site editing, emotional videos, walk-in movies, video footage from operating rooms.


A wide range of solutions to fulfil any requirement in terms of interactive link, from I.P. videoconferences to satellite broadcasting, with TV quality guaranteed.

Mobile devices for satellite links

Advanced services for corporate telecommunications and broadcasting for live surgeries, conferences, events, news, etc. Transmission and reception through mobile devices from any location on all satellites belonging to the Eutelsat fleet, Fly-case units for transport and fast installation. Team of experts analyze the needs, tailor solutions and coordinate the phases of design and implementation.

Live and on demand streaming

A multi-platform audio and video streaming service, powerful and reliable, for a high number of contemporary streams with wide geographical distribution. We are able to take care of all aspects related to the live webcast: audio / video production, real-time encoding of the event, transmission to the "reflection" servers and integration of the content into your web pages. Internet broadcasting is the easiest way to broadcast your content live or ON DEMAND, with countless advantages.

P.A. system

New systems that ensure excellent results in all situations: in particular the Line Array modules reach the maximum pressure and give consistent sound coverage even in the most reverberant environments, while the vertical arrays represent the most modern and efficient evolution of the classic speaker aids.

Digital simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation up to 32 Hi-Fi quality channels. New 2, 3 and 4 seat mobile cabins, the only ones really and completely complying both to the ISO 4043 standard (new version) and to the fire security requirements for public locations.

Digital conference system

New DCN Next Generation system, providing the ultimate flexibility and easiness in management and control, either in automatic or through a PC, with multimedia functions, also wireless. The design is smart and versatile and the audio quality is excellent.

Lighting systems

Sophisticated lighting systems creating backdrops as well as architectural lighting designed and manufactured to provide the highest quality of light in all shapes and hues. Our lighting design service plans light scenes for show, entertainment, atmosphere or communication purposes, thus enhancing both the context and the message, as well as making the event truly memorable.

Architectural lighting

Every building has a story, a soul, a personality. We will emphasize and define it by scenically illuminating both profile and details. With appropriate systems we produce a wide range of lighting effects, always combining quality to energy efficiency.

Light design

A dazzling light: lighting frees its expression on both walls and interiors, and even on the audience themselves. It becomes an essential designing tool. Our engineers tailor light for interiors, exteriors, facades, as well as for architectural elements, thus integrating the environment and giving to their outward appearance a strong emotional power.

Ultra-widescreen and dynamic multi-video projections

Through advanced software and hardware we create great slide shows and high-definition digital videos, with extraordinary quality and perfect sync. Our systems apply automatically, in real time, the masking to properly fuse the images where the projection areas overlap (on any number of screens), coming out in a unique vision, without joints.

Production of communication

Animations as well as static and animated backgrounds, speech supports, walk-in and walk-out movies, stagecraft compositions of video and photos in the gorgeous scene of a dynamic multi-video projection as well as in the high definition clarity.

App development 

Advanced solutions to meet any information needs of your guests and all the mobile promotion exigencies of your event. Everything on line: catalog, program, real-time updates, personalized guide to the event, direct contact with the staff, photo and materials sharing, messages, appointment making and much more. Strictly user-friendly.

Led screens

Latest generation high-resolution and brightness led screens, step 4.8.

Conference prompter (Teleprompter)

Thanks to the latest generation of Teleprompters, we enable the speaker to visualize the text of his speech right at the moment of his presentation. The text runs on two bright LCD monitors, hidden on the floor, whose screens are reflected by two transparent mirrors. The speaker himself manages the running speed of the text, by pressing a pedal hidden under the podium. This function can also be given in charge to a technician, manually operating from his desk. The audience has the feeling that the speaker fluently speaks impromptu.

Multimedia congress manager

It is the most established and innovative management system for congress communication. The speaker leaves his PowerPoint presentation at the slide centre and when he goes to the podium it is already on the control monitor. Outside, on a series of plasma screens, real-time information is displayed on the progress of the work in the halls, with the speaker's name, the title of the presentation, the possible delay etc. You can also show movies, videos and animations, even by the sponsors, as well as communications of the secretariat. The entire system is always managed by online servers with UPS and back up on to ensure the maximum data security.

Facility management

Tecnoconference Europe - Del Fio Group offers a technical support to facility sales managers either during site inspections or for specific requirements. This implies an active and complete consultancy to ensure the compliance of the rented equipment with its future utilization. From the creative project, with its concept development, to the design of the set- up with graphic rendering, from technical development, with the use of the most advanced multimedia technology, to the production of the meetings, with planning, coordination and direction.