System Integrator

Analysis of the room functionality

Verification of both the overall volumes (ceiling height, room width etc.) and of each possible variant to the use of the equipment.

Quality check sound

Verification of the characteristics of the room, thus implementing any necessary correction before the room itself gets built.

Definition of the technical equipment

From the basic requirements (audio, video and projection software, videoconference tools and simultaneous translation) to the more sophisticated ones.

Implant predisposition

It is realized as an "open system", thus allowing the maximum of operation flexibility at the lowest economic investment.

Implant predisposition

(installation of cables, connections, stage boxes etc.), taking into account all the exigencies expressed by the different meeting typologies..

Basic furbishing

microphones, simultaneous translation, projectors, video recording, closed circuit TV.

Rent integration

Every equipment which gets necessary according to the circumstances, based on an annual contract stating prices as well as conditions, discounts and preference clauses.