Valmontone (RM), Rainbow MagicLand parc theatre, March 15 th 2011

More than two thousand entrepreneurs participated in this first public meeting of the Union of industrialists of Rome, Frosinone, Rieti and Viterbo, created to achieve a stronger representativeness towards the institutions. The works, opened by Unindustria's President Aurelio Regina, were attended by the Minister of Economic Development Paolo Romani, the undersecretary to the Presidence of the Council of Ministers Gianni Letta and Confindustria's president Emma Marcegaglia. The Head of the State Giorgio Napolitano sent a video message.

Significant the intervention of Tecnoconference Europe, which to set up the location – not yet opened – took over 20 full-time technicians for a week.
The sound system chosen for the event was composed of 16 line array last generation systems, enhancing, despite the vast size of the theater, maximum intelligibility and sound quality.
A system of dynamic multi-videoprojection with two 20,000 ansilumen projectors, to be managed with no interruption and aimed at creating, on a single big screen, both animated, picture in picture and live effects, completed a sophisticated four-camera FULL HD video direction. Also the lighting device for the backdrop was amazing, supporting the in-house one.
In addition, the 9 lcd open frame located in tailored containers within both the board and the podium provided a magnificent impact.
All the joint rooms (press area, foyer, registration area, VIP lounge and also the external offices) were connected by CCTV to the theater, thus giving everyone the chance to follow the proceedings. In the press room either video and audio broadcast signals were made available to the largest radio and TV networks through a complex distribution tool in optic fiber.
This year too the President Regina's speech was supported by the use of the teleprompter: Tecnoconference Europe adopts the most modern version, with special ultrabright transparent screens.