Rome, Congress Palace, February 5 th - 28 th 2018

Samsung Global Forum is the main showcase of Samsung products for the European and global market.
This edition, for the first time, was attended by all of the European countries as well as by many outside Europe.
Numerous business partners, including 230 Italians, through stand tours and tailored events got to know and
touch all the news from Samsung's Consumer Electronics.
The forum lasted over three weeks, each of them dedicated to one of the macro-areas of origin of the partners.
In the backstage, Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group.

All through the event, Tecnoconference Europe provided the devices for simultaneous translation into and from
English and two different languages ​​depending on the weeks (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic...).
It furthermore supplied audio and video systems, both in the auditorium and in the six workshop rooms.

Finally, it provided office automation material to the offices specifically set up in Samsung Italy's headquarters
as event secretariat.