Milan, MiCo, February 4 th - 7 th 2015

Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group conducted an extraordinarily complex intervention at the main Italian financial conference, organized by the Genoa-based agency Top Congress PR and held at MiCo – the Convention Center of Fiera Milano – together with the World congress of financial operators (ACI).

On the whole the event, developed on a huge area (over 6 thousand square meters, including the exhibition area and the many rooms), has recorded more than 3 thousand participants and 200 exhibitors. As per tradition, the Governor of Bank of Italy Ignazio Visco held his official report.

In the enormous "Gold" room (3 thousand square meters) stood a super wide screen in which flowed the walk-in images, as well as graphics and slides, and then the live footage captured by a three-camera full HD broadcast direction, with animated graphics, pictures in pictures, speech supports. All this was done through a dynamic multi-video projection system, run by a cutting-edge emission direction, with last generation graphics mixers able to open and simultaneously manage, on an animated background, up to six windows of contributions.

On the cameras were mounted state-of-the-art HD optical devices, able to get perfect close-ups even 70 meters away.

These technologies emerged in all their potential during the final show of the performer singer, soprano, actress and dancer Alma Manera. The live images of the artist, at the centre of the screen, were surrounded by a spectacular stagecraft composition of video and photos that sparked a huge emotional impact, increasingly in such an addictive context for both music and atmosphere.

Moreover, Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group set up an additional three-camera video direction and a new emission direction for the panel discussion moderated by the Sole 24 Ore's director Roberto Napoletano, held in a large room adjacent to the main one in front of over 1,000 people. It also provided the foreign guests with the simultaneous translation system, and the press room (over 200 registered journalists, representing 90 magazines) with all the due technologies, among which a Closed Circuit TV link with the auditorium through optical fiber cabling.

Also this year, finally, it managed the badges implementation, it provided the systems for attendance tracking (with via-radio bar code laser scanners) and it streamed live on Il Sole 24 Ore's website the report of the Governor.