Capri (NA), Hotel Quisisana, October 28 th - 30 th 2010

Also this year Tecnoconference Europe intervened in all the rooms of Hotel Quisisana involved in the event, attended by about two thousand people and divided into a series of talk show moderated by the famous Italian anchorman Bruno Vespa.

In the main conference 500-seat room, it created the lighting system for both the stage and the background as well as the sound system, ensuring acoustic uniformity within the whole room.
A broadcast-level full HD video direction received the live footage from three cameras, and transmitted them on two large 16/9 screens through two high brightness projectors (12,500 ansilumen). The emission direction coordinated video contributions, graphics and all the power point presentations.
Tecnoconference Europe has also supervised the videorecording of the conference.
The works in the plenary were followed, on special giant screens, even in the sponsors' exhibition area, as well as in three other rooms, all connected by a complex optical fiber system in closed circuit. The same system also connected the crowded press room (in which four 42" monitors were placed), where Tecnoconference Europe provided the audio broadcast signal to all the media network attending the meeting.