Naples, Stazione Marittima, October 18 th - 19 th 2013

This year too has Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group provided all the audio technologies, video and lighting, from the creative design to the production of the event, including the planning, the coordination and the direction with the use of the most advanced multimedia technologies. Over two thousand entrepreneurs attended, including Jacopo Morelli, President of the Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria, and the President of Confindustria Giorgio Squinzi.
For the first time in 28 years, the conference left the historic seat of Capri and moved to the Stazione Marittima of Naples. Numerous personalities gathered from politics and the national economy, such as the Minister of Foreign Affairs Emma Bonino, the Minister for Environment Andrea Orlando, the president of Mediaset Fedele Confalonieri and the President of L'Espresso publishing group Carlo De Benedetti.

In the "main conference" hall a great scenic backdrop with a big latest-generation wall LED screen, providing excellent image definition, was placed behind the speakers. On this screen flowed all the graphics contributions (girths, logos etc.) which, thanks to a sophisticated emission direction, were animated and allowed the audience to experience the scene far more and better than with the usual static graphics.
The set-up was completed with two side screens on which, in rear projection, acted two projectors, high brightness as well, spreading the images produced by a four-camera broadcast-level full HD direction as well as the graphics contributions and the movies. The effect, on the whole and in every part, was really spectacular, bright and very impressive.
Particular attention also requested the sound system, given the particular, very wide shape of the room. Thanks to a sophisticated and brand-new device, as well as to a number of state-of-the-art digital processors, uniformity and perfect intelligibility of the sound were ensured.
The works of the plenary were followed, on special giant screens, in three other rooms too, all connected with a complex closed-circuit system in optical fibre. The same system also connected the crowded press room, where the broadcast video and audio signals were available to the numerous Network and media attending.
President Morelli's speech was supported by the teleprompter: Tecnoconference Europe adopts the most modern version, with special ultrabright transparent screens.