Capri (NA), Grand Hotel Quisisana, October 19 th - 20 th 2018

Particularly important, this year, was the traditional appointment in Capri of the Young Entrepreneurs, who a few months before the European elections chose to dedicate the assembly to Europe. "United, the Europe that we are" was the claim of the conference (hashtag #uniti), held in the presence of the Minister for European Affairs, Paolo Savona. The introductory report by President of Young Entrepreneurs Alessio Rossi turned very popular with the press: he expressed the hope that an "Italexit" out of the euro is no longer under discussion. Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group provided all audio, video and lighting services.

In the "main conference" a very complex backdrop had been set up, with a large led wall in the middle and two extensions on both sides.
The images were displayed through two full-HD top-brightness video projectors and included, alongside the live footage, all the graphic contributions. The live was produced by a three-camera broadcast direction, full HD as well, in studio version.

Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group also created the audio and lighting system, placing a set on both stage and backdrop.

Through a sophisticated fiber optic system the works could also be followed in the crowded press room, where the broadcast video and audio signals were available to the 200 registered journalists, coming from all the main Italian newspapers.