Campidoglio (Capitoline Museums), March 25 th 2017

The event of the year, not only for Italy but for the whole of Europe, was the celebration of the 60th anniversary
of the Treaties of Rome. Saturday, March 25, the 27 European leaders gathered at the Palazzo dei Conservatori
in Campidoglio. Technologies for these celebrations have been delivered by Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group,
always in the front row at major events and even more so on this occasion, where, in addition to technology, it also
worked on the scenic part inside the room as well as on piazza del Campidoglio.

A simultaneous translation system for five languages was arranged, strictly complying with the international
standards, with interpreter cabins located in a room adjacent to the main hall (Orazi e Curiazi); beyond that,
Tecnoconference Europe set up the sound and image-diffusion systems with large LED screens, together with
the RAI which brought the European live broadcast of the celebrations.

The Sala della Protomoteca, an outside marquee, the Biblioteca dell'avvocatura and the Sala della Piccola
Protomoteca, where the press rooms were set up for all international journalists as well as for the radio and
television networks from around the world, were all linked through a system in optic fibre.
The institutional level was very high and, therefore, the difficulty in the event management turned very high
too – it opened with greetings from the mayor Virginia Raggi in sala Esedra. Then the signing ceremony of all
27 presidents and prime ministers was held in the main room, and then, while in Michelangelo yard the usual
photo session took place, Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group quickly performed a stagecraft change with
five podiums for the final press conference.