Rome, Ergife Palace Hotel, September 12 th - 14 th 2018

The 63rd National Congress of the Engineers' Chambers hosted a rich debate on the profession as well as on economy, politics and all the areas in which the 240 thousand Italian engineers operate. In the audience, together with 400 engineers of every specialty, sat also Minister for Infrastructures and Transportation Danilo Toninelli and Minister for Regional Affairs Erika Stefani. For the third year in a row Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group, alongside the Council of the Engineers' Chamber, contributed to all of audio video and lighting services.

Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group has contributed to a high-impact scenography by inserting a large 12-meter-long LEDwall and a scenic lighting based on LED bars and motorized lights, thus enhancing the atmosphere.

The sound system, appropriate to the room, guaranteed crystal clear sound, also for the benefit of comedian Maurizio Battista – whose show was placed at the conclusion of the event – widely popular in Italy for his participation in major TV program Zelig. The rooms involved, all connected with a sophisticated fibre optic system, were seven.