68th WHO REGIONAL COMMITTEE (World Health Organization)

Rome, Auditorium della Tecnica, September 17 th - 20 th 2018

It is one of the most important international events on Health: a meeting of 110 Health Ministers delegated by 53 States (a true summit of Health Ministers) held for the first time in Rome, attended by a thousand high representatives of public health.

The inaugural session was attended by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Italian Minister of Health Giulia Grillo, Princess Mary of Denmark, WHO General Manager Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and WHO Manager for Europe Zsuzsanna Jakab. Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group provided all audio technologies, simultaneous translation, video and lighting.

The event focused also on the new data about European citizens' health as well as on the first strategy on male health and well-being. The agenda particularly addressed key issues of the Italian political debate, including sustainability, migrants' health and vaccines, noting that some European countries, albeit displaying the highest levels in terms of quality of life, report discrepancies due to the harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol consumption, overweight and obesity.

In the Auditorium a system of 100 microphone units was placed on the benches. A multilingual live streaming was available as well (six languages ​​in simultaneous translation) with a full HD four-camera direction alongside an emission direction managing the multi-video projection. The press room, far away, was connected on CCTV with a particularly sophisticated fibre optic passage.

In the dedicated area, for the health ministers' reception lunch (120 guests between ministers and authorities), in addition to video shooting and emission direction, 5 booths for interpreters, an amplification system with a podium microphone and a tailored lighting system were made available.

As many as 20 rooms, reserved to foreign delegations, were furthermore equipped with simultaneous translation, monitor and video projector, audio system, and, in some cases, even office automation.