Rome, Auditorium della Conciliazione, November 24 th 2011

It was a truly important meeting, providing a number of institutional representatives with their first chance of a public speech after the government crisis, furthermore in front of over 2,000 participants. Tecnoconference Europe made a remarkably complex and completely innovative intervention, with the coordination and production of all the communication means.

The politicians' statements were addressed through multimedia technologies: video messages were sent by the Italian State President Mr. Napolitano, the President of the Senate Hon. Schifani and the Minister of Economic Development Mr. Passera; a satellite connection delivered the declarations of the Minister for Welfare Ms. Fornero, whilst a videoconference got the assembly in touch with the President of Confindustria Ms. Marcegaglia. The President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies Mr. Fini, attending the meeting, addressed a thorough greeting.
The project – very innovative – was based on a huge concave superwidescreen (as many as 18 x 4.50 meters) displaying all the communication (walk-in animations, graphics and full screen slides) as well as the live images, taken by a three-camera full HD video direction, and numerous other contributions (live links, videos and speech-supports). All this, thanks to a sophisticated emission direction, appeared in three large windows on a single animated colour background.
The screening was done by three DLP "top level" projectors spreading on the concave screen images without distortion, thanks to a sophisticated module for geometric correction. This gave to the attendees the evocative feeling of being literally "embraced" by the images.
Tecnoconference Europe also provided the sound system, based on two latest generation line array devices, ensuring unparalleled sound quality.
Tecnoconference Europe also set up the crowded press room and the foyer with large closed circuit monitors (LCD-wall) that allowed the journalists and all the others to follow the works in the main room. In the press area numerous wi-fi and LAN Internet connections were available.
A live streaming was moreover provided on the web, which for the first time was also viewable on mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads. Tecnoconference Europe finally brought the accreditation system for the participants, producing more than 3,600 identification badges, as well as providing the presence detection devices with wi-fi laser scanners for bar codes and processing real-time access reports.