Annual CNA Assembly (Italian Confederation of Crafts and Small-medium enterprises)

Rome, Auditorium della Conciliazione, December 12 th - 13 th 2013

This year it’s been a very important event, because it saw the election of the new President Daniele Vaccarino and the renewal of the entire governance of the Confederation. Over 2 thousand members were present as well as many authorities. The performance of Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group turned out to be of considerable complexity because it involved the coordination and the production of both the communication and highly impactful audiovisual contributions.

The meeting was opened with the greetings from the President of the RepublicGiorgio Napolitano and the Prime Minister Enrico Letta, and after the report of the outgoing President Ivan Malavasi, speeches were made by ministers Flavio Zanonato (Economic Development), Enrico Giovannini (Labour), Maurizio Lupi(Infrastructure and transport) and Carlo Trigilia (Territorial cohesion). The project was based on a large screen in superwidescreen format (12.5 x 4 meters) on which, thanks to two high brightness DLP projectors managed by a system of blending, flowed both the communication (animated graphics, walk-in movies and full screen slides) and the live images, shot by four full HD cameras, as well as the speech supports. Everything appeared on an animated background thanks to a sophisticated emission direction. Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group also provided both the state-of-the-art sound system, which guaranteed excellent sound quality, and the live streaming of the event on the web, viewable on mobile devices such as smart phones and iPads too. It also set up the crowded press room and the foyer with two closed circuit lcd wall screens that allowed the journalists to follow the works in the room. Finally, it provided the accreditation for the participants producingmore than 3,600 identification badges, as well as the presence detection system with wi-fi barcode laser scanners and the real-time processing of the access report.