Rome, Congress palace, February 20 th - 21 st 2013

The main event of the Italian statistics bureau, taking place over many areas of Rome’s congress palace, was attended by more than a thousand people. After the report of the President Mr. Enrico Giovannini, also the Minister of the Environment Mr. Corrado Clini gave a speech.



Tecnoconference Europe gave a huge performance (as many as nine set-ups) that required a team of 15 technicians for over a week, as well as a large amount of equipment and a challenging coordination and planning.

In the Auditorium an imposing background had been set up, containing, in addition to graphics, a wide screen on which both animated backgrounds and graphics contributions, as well as movies and live images produced by a three-camera broadcast direction were projected, all managed as picture in picture by a sophisticated emission direction.

With proper encoding, the shooting was streamed live on the conference website. Furthermore, at the end of each session the recordings of each intervention were edited, coded and delivered to the bureau’s web television for the broadcast: an important on site editing.



In the Salone della Cultura four thematic areas had then been prepared, different as for scenery and technology. In each of these, the images were also recorded and edited on site before being delivered (on DVD) to the Web TV that put them on the air, thus creating a palimpsest with a wide choice of programs, divided by themes.

On the first floor, finally, Tecnoconference Europe had set up four other sceneries, one for each of the rooms in which the parallel works were carried out, each equipped with all the necessary technology.