Modena (Exhibition centre), Ravenna (Pala De André), Avellino (Auditorium Banca della Campania), Lamezia Terme (Former Sir congress centre), April 21 st 2012

For the second year in a row Tecnoconference Europe – Del Fio Group made this intervention (which is unique in Italy) to support the Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Assembly of this banking group. The event was attended by over 10,000 people, representing more than 33,000 members. Right considering the high number of participants and the complex procedures involved in this type of event, this year too was taken into account to carry out the works in multiple locations simultaneously using the more advanced technology.



The broadcast-quality connection took place via satellite from Modena to the three sites (which bounced back via streaming a service video signal). Tecnoconference Europe took care of all the technological aspects of the event, from the project to the direction, also including the video and audio services in the four locations, from the shooting in the hall with full HD direction devices and cameras, to the shooting in the outside (registration desks, catering and voting areas, etc..). It must be remarked that in Ravenna’s site the audience was linked with the central location in Modena through a 6 x 4,5 mt ledwall screen, whilst in Modena, in the enormous exhibition centre, acoustically hard, the audio device consisted in as many as eight line array systems, boosting a power of more than 60,000 Watt, thus ensuring a perfect sonority everywhere.



A total of 30 multi-kind cameras, a very complex emission direction, incorporating and mixing various contributions (graphics, timers, power point files, live images), a "star" centre in Modena, handling all the video and audio signals just like a tv channel, 12 high brightness and high resolution projectors, more than 60 different-sized monitors, a team of over 30 technicians in the four locations, a complex closed-circuit system between the multiple locations within each site, including the crowded press area in Modena (equipped with video and audio connection), was finally involved.