Fiumicino Airport, Alitalia Painting Hangar, November 24 th 2009

Full technological support to the Assembly of the Industrialists' Union of Rome
Tecnoconference Europe, provided in 2009 too full technological support to the Assembly of the Industrialists' Union of Rome, an event of utmost importance because it involves many of the largest Italian companies. The particularity of the location (7,500 square meters and 35 meters in height) required a very difficult technical intervention: to solve the problem of bad acoustics a special project for the audio system was developed.
Using as many as 16 systems line arrays, excellent intelligibility to speakers' voice was assured as well. The lights project was carried out at the same time (using as many as about 400 kilowatts of power), and it turned out to be essential to the right atmosphere in such a "chilled" environment. Then the background, the screen – in superwide format, up to 25 x 7 meters – and the stage were drafted, this last one being structured on a podium (with a teleprompter), a board desk and a talk show area. Footage was provided through four broadcast cameras, studio version, which were full HD as well as the complex and innovative video direction.
The emission direction, also full HD, consisted not only of the various devices for the filmed contributions, but also of four digital graphic mixers and of sophisticated software for multiple giant video projections. The overall providing included furthermore fixed and animated backgrounds, speech supports, "cap" slides, a walk-in movie with bi- and three-dimensional animations as well as various other movies, all in the highest resolution, aimed to support President Aurelio Regina's report.
To be noted that in the crowded press room twelve closed circuit monitors were on and audio and video signals were available to large television networks' purposes. It's been a multiform and tasking intervention, requiring on-site full-time work of twenty-two people for ten days.