Rome, Palazzo Koch, May 31 st 2013

The assembly of the audit Institute of the Italian banking system was attended, as usual, by all the major members of the financial, business and institutional world (a total of about 400 people, carefully selected). The Governor Ignazio Visco held his reporting speech, which had wide coverage from the media. Tecnoconference Europe-Del Fio Group provided all the technical services.



The broadcast-level video, shot by four full HD cameras, allowed the complete documentation of the event. At the end, a five minute synthesis containing the most important passages of the report of the Governor was produced "on site" with innovative digital editing, and it was added real time on the website of the Bank of Italy.

The crowded press room was linked through a system of large closed-circuit monitors allowing journalists to follow the works and providing the many television and radio networks with broadcast video and audio signals.