Rome, Koch Palace, May 31 st 2017

This year too, all the main professionals from finance, entrepreneurship and institutions (with a total of
about 400 highly selected attendees) participated in the Ordinary General Assembly of Banca d'Italia,
the Italian Institute for the Control of the Credit System.
Governor Ignazio Visco gave his official speech, highly impacting on the media.
Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group provided all due technical services.

Shooting was broadcast-level, with a full HD quadricam, allowing the full documentation of the event.
On a large ledwall – which elegantly contrasted to the architecture of the room – the Governor's and Graphic
Media's live was displayed (this was the first time that Banca d'Italia inserted graphics during the final considerations).
At the end, a five-minute "pill" was produced on site, containing the most important passages of the Governor's
report. The contribution was entered in real time on the website of Banca d'Italia.
The crowded press room was linked with a big closed-circuit monitor system allowing reporters to follow the
works and offering the radio and television networks the A/V broadcast signals.