BNL G150

Rome, Eataly, December, December 10 th - 11 th 2012

It was an unusual location for the annual meeting that BNL (an Italian bank of the BNP Paribas group) organizes for its 150 top managers, but also unusual was the person chosen to give his testimonial: none other than Oscar Farinetti, the charismatic and charming creator and founder of Unieuro and Eataly.



The speakers were BNL President Abete, the CEO and General manager Gallia and the Director of corporate division De Angelis. Especially valuable the communication support provided by Tecnoconference Europe, aimed at facilitating interactivity and team building among the senior executives.

The project included two different set-ups, one for each of the two days. The first day the set-up was classic, with two LCD walls, a sound amplifying system (for an immersive surround), and a led lighting system to characterize the environment. The second day the set-up was "cabaret style": 18 round tables for nine people, on each of which a microphone was available for interventions.



On both days, live video recordings of the various interventions, both from the podium and the tables, were edited by a three-camera direction, and the many tight contributions (slides, movies, etc ...) were managed by an emission direction with a graphics processor and two workstations.