BNL Summit G150

Rome, Monumental complex Santo Spirito in Sassia, November 15 th - 16 th 2013

The communication project involved a 28 meter stage, three large 16/9 screens and as many high brightness projectors, which provided a really clear and crystalline picture.
The various speeches were shot by a three-camera full HD direction, while the many contributions (slides, movies etc...) were managed by an emission direction endowed with high-definition graphics mixers.
The lighting system was very important and specifically designed for both the stage/backdrop and the room. It took more than 40 lighting bodies. In the adjacent room, destined to catering area, ​​an additional "architectural" lighting system was made to enhance the beautiful old hall as well as the ancient door on the background.
The complex is really impressive because it was built in the sixteenth century on foundations erected in 700 AD. To resolve the particular acoustic reverberation of such a facility, the project of Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group included a fully digital sound system with as many as eight high efficiency lines of sound, so as to ensure uniform sound pressure and perfect intelligibility of speech from anywhere you would put the listener.