Rome, Auditorium della Conciliazione, November 15 th 2012

It was a very important event, with over 2 thousand members present and many authorities. It required a complex performance by Tecnoconference Europe, with the coordination and production of all the communication and highly impacting audiovisual contributions.



The Italian President Napolitano and the President of the Chamber of Deputes Fini intervened with two greetings read by a speaker. The President of the Senate Schifani delivered the keynote speech, which was followed by the report of the President of CNA Malavasi and by the intervention of the Minister of Economic Development Passera. Then a talk show took place between political leaders Alfano, Bersani and Casini.

The project – very innovative – was based on a huge concave super wide screen (as much as 18 x 4.50 meters) on which flowed walk-in animations, graphics and slides in full screen, as well as live images, taken by a four-camera full HD direction, and the many other contributions (Twitter feeds, video and speech-support). All this, thanks to a sophisticated emission direction, appeared on an animated coloured background.

The screening took place through three DLP "top level" video projectors, which spread on the concave screen images without distortion, thanks to a sophisticated module of geometric correction. This gave the audience the fascinating feeling of being "hugged" by the pictures, quite literally.



Tecnoconference Europe also provided the sound system based on two latest generation line arrays, thus achieving uncompromising sound quality. It also set up the crowded press room and the foyer with large closed circuit monitors (LCD wall) that allowed the journalists and all the others to follow the works in the room. In the press area a number of Internet connections lan and wi-fi were made disposable, as well as audio and video broadcast signals, that all the many television and radio network, from Italy and abroad, used.

It was finally provided the encoding for live streaming on the web, also viewable on mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads, as well as the system of accreditation for participants, with the production of more than 3,600 identification badges, the attendance tracking with wi-fi barcode laser scanners and the real-time processing of the access report.