Mirandola (MO), PTL plant, November 29 th 2014

No big hotels, auditoriums or halls. CNA (the Italian Confederation of Crafts and Small and medium enterprises) this year has chosen to give a strong signal, celebrating its national assembly in a place which is a symbol of the earthquake that two and a half years ago shocked Emilia Romagna: the establishment – rebuilt in record time – of PTL, engineering firm located in Mirandola, the municipality in Modena outskirts epicentre of the quake. This signal is also a metaphor for the crisis turmoil. Behind the scenes Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group, which in just two nights and one day cleared the space of all welders and workbenches and came up with a conference room for a thousand people.

At the end of his report, held in front of a large audience of personalities including the Minister for Labour and Social Policy Giuliano Poletti and the Minister for the Environment Gian Luca Galletti, President CNA Daniele Vaccarino said: «This assembly will remain in history». A phrase that well articulates the emotional tension of the event, an event experiencing the contrast between the outward appearance of the location (it was a factory and you could see it, you had to see it) and the great technological system that had turned it into a modern auditorium: a symbol of both work and will power doing wonders.

Spectacular, in its simplicity, the opening: voiceover, dark, entrance of a beautiful girl in evening dress, with a violin, moving towards the stage accompanied by three motorized shapers; her image was projected on the giant LED screens suspended on the crane-bridge of the factory and topped by a line of par-LED giving spectacular touches of colour, which turned out to be even more exciting in that environment and in such a metaphorical context.
The girl took the stage and, with her violin, masterfully played the Italian national anthem, followed by a burst of moved applause.

Next, on the LED wall a film was screened, made by a cell phone during the strong earthquakes of two and a half years ago, and in the shots the factory itself could be seen just at the time of the collapse. The base was the famous tune by Vasco Rossi Siamo ancora qua (We are still here), with a creepy sound, powered by an innovative tool line guaranteeing perfect intelligibility even in harsh environments.

Then the video message of the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was aired. It was a long and intense message, largely reproduced by all the media especially for the central phrase: «Who gets up in the morning and try to do his job, and does it bringing all of himself into play, is a hero of our times, is a hero of everyday life». After this followed the report of President Vaccarino and the talk show with the Ministers moderated by Sky TG24 anchorwoman Federica de Sanctis.

Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group shot the live footage with a four-camera full HD direction. On two cameras, in particular, special optics had been mounted, able to perform close-ups even from seventy meters. The emission direction was big too, managing the LED wall through two sophisticated graphics processors.