Campi Bisenzio (Florence), c/o Giusto Manetti Battiloro Inc, November 21 st 2015

This year too CNA (the Italian Confederation of Crafts and Small and medium enterprise) have chosen to hold their assembly in a non-conventional location, symbolic of craft work’s reality: the inside of a factory, and precisely the marquee, two thousand meters wide, especially set up in the courtyard of Giusto Manetti Battiloro Inc – an ambassador of Made in Italy all over the world with its processing of gold and silver (above all with its famous “gold leaf”). A thousand people and numerous authorities took part in the event, including the governor of Tuscany, Enrico Rossi, the ministers Giuliano Poletti (labour) and Gian Luca Galletti (environment) and the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella. In the backstage, Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group.

The sound system was impressive, requiring a great effort to solve the reverberation time of the marquee (as many as five seconds): 14 sound lines, operated by digital processors, secured an excellent pressure and a very good intelligibility everywhere, as if it were an auditorium.

Particularly moving – and unusual as well – the opening phases, before the message of the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella was read out: from a piano placed in the middle of the stage were heard the notes of the national anthem, masterfully sung by a tenor.

The set design was structured around a dynamic multi-video projection system: a large screen on which three high brightness projectors performed in blending. The live footage were made by a three-camera broadcast full HD direction, with special optics performing close-ups even from forty metres. The emission direction was big too, managing both the graphics and the video contributions with two very sophisticated processors.

Last but not least, the lighting system required thirty headlights on top and twenty on the stage – where the talk show with the Ministers took place, moderated by Sky TG24 anchorwoman Federica de Sanctis – plus four more, motorized, for the tenor, the piano and the baritone who, at the end of the assembly, played Puccini's air Nessun dorma, accompanied by piano as well.

With special streaming and encoding by Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group, the event was posted on the CNA website as well as on several online newsmagazines.