Rome, Auditorium della Conciliazione, June 12 th 2013

It was truly impacting the communication project developed by Tecnoconference Europe-Del Fio Group for this event, which was attended by over two thousand people. Numerous the authorities: the Vice-President of the Senate Maurizio Gasparri, many MPs and members of the Government, including the Deputy Premier Angelino Alfano the Minister for Economic Development Flavio Zanonato, who gave a speech widely reported by the media.



The meeting this year sought to give voice to entrepreneurs in the territories where they operate. For this purpose Tecnoconference Europe-Del Fio Group designed and developed a system of two-way broadcast full HD satellite links, connecting the confederation’s offices in five cities throughout the peninsula. Each location was attended by the president of the local Confcommercio and an entrepreneur member reporting an important case history about "hot" topics of the moment: the debts of the PA against companies (Asti), security (Milan), tourism (Bologna), transport and infrastructures (Naples) and the interference of the Mafia in the economy (Palermo).

In Rome, at the Auditorium della Conciliazione, headquarters of the Assembly, the stage was built around a background with an almost 15-meter giant screen, on which six live video windows were open, one showing the shootings inside the Auditorium (generated by dynamic multi-video projections with two high brightness projectors), and the others the images coming from the video directions of each of the five remote sites. The conduct of this part of the Assembly, headed by the anchorman Giuseppe De Filippi (TG5), was divided into a series of interventions from each site and was moderated as a live talk show. Through an impressive emission direction, articulated on innovative graphics processors and state-of-the-art digital media servers, involving three specialised technicians, when one of these remote locations took the lead, the content window, with a special effect, "moved" on the screen and joined the main one.

The sound system was centred on last generation line array systems, with two clusters comprising eight elements each.



The President Carlo Sangalli gave his speech supported by the teleprompter in the modern "transparent" version, based on reflective mirrors.

Tecnoconference Europe has also set up the press area with large monitors that through a massive fibre optic cabling allowed reporters to follow the works in the room and provided the many television and radio networks with broadcast video and audio signals.