Rome, Auditorium Parco della Musica, May 24 th 2012

This year’s assembly was of particular importance since it marked the handover between Emma Marcegaglia and Giorgio Squinzi at the presidence. Among the 2,700 participants there were the Chairmen of both the Chamber of Deputies and of the Senate Hon. Gianfranco Fini and Renato Schifani, the Bank of Italy Governor Mr. Ignazio Visco, the Italian Minister for Economic development Corrado Passera (who gave a speech), the Deputy Minister Vittorio Grilli and many other authorities.

The intervention of Tecnoconference Europe, providing all the technical services with the planning and the coordination, was based on a sophisticated multi-video projection system.



It consisted of three high-brightness 20,000 ansilumen projectors and of as many in back-up always on. They were managed altogether as one, resulting in a single giant projection impacting on a 18 x 4,50 meters screen and giving an unparalleled spectacular outcome.

The Video Direction managed four full HD cameras, on two of which were mounted special optics, suitable for excellent resolution close-ups even from a distance of 60 metres.

The emission direction, working in a standard even higher than full HD, consisted of four digital graphic mixers.



The simultaneous translation, through a digital red infrared system, allowed foreign visitors to follow the works, while in the huge press room nine closed circuit monitors allowed journalists to follow the proceedings in the hall and provided the many radio and television networks with the broadcast video and audio signals.

The new president Squinzi was supported in his speech by the teleprompter in its modern “transparent” version, with ultrabright screens.