Prato, PalaFarsetti and Art Hotel, October 15 th - 16 th 2010

Held in the presence of Confindustria's president Emma Marcegaglia as well as of the Italian Labour Minister Maurizio Sacconi, of the Chairman of the national bank association Giuseppe Mussari, of the Vice President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani and of many other personalities, this conference, which was attended by over 500 people, aimed to protect Italian companies by stimulating a reduction in the tax burden.

Tecnoconference Europe prepared two big superwide screens and included them in the set. On those screens acted as many projectors with very high brightness and resolution. The video direction ran three cameras, which ensured full coverage to the entire event, including video recording, while the emission direction cast the various movies, as well as the animated wallpapers, the videos, the ppt contributions and of course the live windows on the screen.
Tecnoconference Europe also provided a digital "latest generation" red-infrared system.
The Press area, set up at the Art Hotel, was always connected in closed circuit with PalaFarsetti through a complex system in optical fibre. In closed circuit as well was the television link with the lower floor, where guests could watch the proceedings of the plenary on large LCD monitors.