Rome, Congress palace, , September 29 th 2016

Thousands of people took part in Cybertech Europe, the leading event in Europe for the dialogue on innovation, investment and cybertech solutions among the managers of the main companies, the representatives of the Italian and European government as well as the start ups. An integral part of the event was a great exhibition attended by companies from around the world. Among the personalities: the Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano, the CEO of Finmeccanica Mauro Moretti, the Italian intelligence director Alessandro Pansa and numerous personalities from the world of intelligence and cyber security, including the director of the aerospace program of Israel and Yevgeny Kasperskij, founder of Kaspersky Lab ZAO, a company specializing in the production of software for information security.

Behind the scenes, Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group provided all the technology.

In the Salone della Cultura, where the exhibition area was displayed, a major lighting system was set up, with American truss 40 linear metres each and 80 moving colour-changing lights with multiple gobos, creating an evocative atmosphere of polymorphic “moving shapes” on the walls along the area of ​​the stands, of the corners and of the hall. In addition, to complete the effect, 50 led bars located in the two galleries illuminated the columns in chiaroscuro.

Then there was all the conference part, held in the auditorium, where blending projectors with back-up had been installed, alongside a big screen on which an advanced graphical mixing system was running simultaneously five feeds, including live images, graphics contributions, ppt files, captions etc.

The resident sound system, integrated with the latest generation of high-efficiency speakers, guaranteed the dynamic and perfect intelligibility required for an event of such a level.