Cybertech Europe Convention 2017

Rome Convention Centre, September 26 th - 27 th 2017

Two days of conferences and exhibitions on the latest innovations and discoveries in the virtual world in
what has been the global meeting point for cybernetics experts since 2014. This is the European edition,
others are also held in Tel Aviv, Singapore, Fairfax, Beverly Hills, and many other countries. 4,500 participants
in the two days, among whom, attending the innovation, were the Italian Minister of Defense Roberta Pinotti
and the Managing Director of Leonardo Alessandro Profumo.
Behind the scenes Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group, which, as in previous editions, provided all
the technologies.

In the 2000-seat plenary room, a 20 x 5-meter curved screen filled the stage with light effects and blending
video projection, and an advanced graphical mixing system streamed multiple live feeds, including live images,
graphic contributions, ppt files, captions etc.
Also important was the amplification system, integrated with the latest generation line arrays to ensure dynamic
and perfect sound intelligibility. The lighting technology included many Gobos, which projected the logo of the
event, creating an enchanting polymorphic atmosphere.
A second 300-seat plenary room was connected to the crowded press room through a sophisticated optical
Finally, Italian-English simultaneous translation was active, and all the stands in the vast exhibition area had
been provided with monitors.