European Socialist Party Congress

Rome, Congress Palace, February 28 th - March 1 st 2014

Tecnoconference Europe – Del Fio Group provided the technology devices to the 2014 edition of the congress of this party, by far the main one in the European political life. The assembly elected Vice-President the new Italian Premier Matteo Renzi, who gave an applauded speech.

Over twenty-five hundred the participants, coming from many countries.Tecnoconference Europe – Del Fio Group provided an impressive “next generation” simultaneous translation system in the Salone della Cultura as well as in the Auditorium, in the press room and in other nine halls and rooms (total no less than 12 spaces) with 22 interpreter cabins, strictly complying with the International ISO 4043 rules, and 2,500 receivers.

President Martin Schultz gave his speech supported by the teleprompter, in the modern version with special “ultrabright” glasses.

The crowded press room where Schultz’s press conference was held was connected in closed circuit to the Salone della Cultura with a sophisticated fibre optic cabling.

Identical CC connection was made ​​to the Auditorium, where gathered the people who could not take place in the Salone della Cultura.