The intervention of Tecnoconference Europe, July 7 th - 9 th 2009

With a staff of 18 specialising technicians, who had been working in Coppito for three weeks, the company provided all the highly sophisticated digital simultaneous translation systems up to 32 languages, integrated with both the conference systems and the autodome shooting software – a very delicate task indeed, being as many as 14 the languages of the 40 heads of State and government gathering at the summit, including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Korean and Turkish, and as many as 22 the sites which had been set up in the barracks where the summit was scheduled. The intervention required a mighty effort: just a partial list of the implied tools includes 46 3-seater interpreters' cabins, all strictly according to the international standards, 2.000 digital 32-channel infrared receivers, 140 units of a next-generation conference system, 34 digital infrared high-powered radiators, ten autodome cameras, 100 plasma or LCD monitors, plus all the direction, broadcasting, sound recording and distribution equipment.
Tecnoconference Europe also developed a sophisticated fiber optic network to spread the audio signals – including the 14 translations ones – over both the various buildings where the meetings took place and the Press Village, which, in addition to the Italian State television staff, gathered 65 radio-tv networks from all over the world.