Modena (Fair), Avellino (Bper HQ), Lamezia Terme (Former Sir congress centre), , November 26 th 2016

Tecnoconference Europe – Del Fio Group has carried out extensive work in support of the General Assembly of the shareholders of Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna, who have approved the change of business name. The event was attended by over five thousand people, representing more than 33 thousand members, in three locations linked via sat.

Tecnoconference Europe has directed the assembly under all the point of views: design, directing, video, audio and lighting. In Modena they used two projectors in blending mode and very high resolution and brightness, for the big main screen, superwide format. Also, along the entire over-10,000 square meter wide hall of Modena Fair further screens were distributed to let all participants perfectly follow the works.

Broadcast Full HD was also the video camera system in the hall, with four studio cameras; furthermore, ten additional cameras resumed shot live images in the public areas (accreditation, catering, vote).

An emission direction guaranteed effective “division” of the main screen, letting each contribution harmoniously co-exist with the live shooting.

The listening quality was excellent, despite a very reverberant environment, thanks to the massive use of latest generation line array systems, as well as of high-powered speakers and of a network of digital audio processors.