Rome, Congress palace, February 7 th 2015

"Superservice Connection" was the title of the national meeting of Goodyear Superservice's retailers network, designed and organized by the Milan-based Giumelli agency to highlight the "connection" theme, depicting first of all a sort of physical connection between the company and its distributors as well as between distributors and customers, to be pursued through technology, and then also a motivational connection, which was the main target of the convention. To the 600 participants Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group proposed, on Giumelli's input, a spectacular variation of the technology theme.

Guests had entrance to Rome Congress palace, chosen because of its architectural majesty, on a background lighting which was equal to the major film festivals’ red carpets, while the imposing colonnade was illuminated by the Goodyear brand colours. This spectacular effect turned to a great emotional force.

Even the auditorium was lit by sophisticated lighting systems that changed the colours of the scenery: a kaleidoscopic succession of the Goodyear brand colours that marked the schedule sequence. Much applauded, in particular, the intervention of the well-known journalist Beppe Severgnini.

In front of the audience stood a huge screen on which live footage were projected, shot by a three-camera full HD direction, as well as the speakers' contributions in cross-layering technology, that is not fixed in space but moving on an animated background: a show in the show.

All this was supervised by an emission direction with sophisticated graphics processors and cutting-edge blending technology, able to manage the many images with solution of continuity.
At the end of the meeting, after the cocktail in the foyer, guests moved into the great hall of Culture for the gala dinner. Even here technology starred: soft light throughout the room and 50 tables lit from below with multicolour electronically controlled led bars. In closing, a cabaret show by Raul Cremona.