Grandland X Opel launch

Rome Convention Centre, September 8 th 2017

On the occasion of the launch of the new Opel crossover, Grandland X, held at the wonderful "Cloud"
forum by Fuksas in front of the entire sales force of Opel Italia (700 people) and organized by H&A Europe,
Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group provided an important technical intervention in what has been
judged the best set-up ever made in the new Convention Centre.

The dinner area, accessed through a display zone where 18 new Suv Opel cars were shown, separated by
nine large totems reproducing the name of the model and on the back nine blown-up details of the car, was
characterized by huge glass tables with lighted bases placed in 'X' – a set up with very few elements,
deliberately minimal.
Two large LED screens were arranged at the corners of the tables so that each participant could see the live
images taken by a three-camera full HD direction and alternated with footage contributions through a
sophisticated broadcasting direction.

The sound system was big too – it involved many difficulties due to the immensity of the environment
(almost 8,000 square feet surmounted by a huge cloud) as well as to its strong reverberation. Further to
a careful acoustic study, the problem was solved with four cluster line arrays hung by a "grand support"
for a perfect sound definition.
The evening ended with a spectacular DJ set.