Rome, Congress palace and Cinecittà World, October 19 th 2014

A great and innovative event for 900 people: this was what Opel asked for the presentation to dealers, vendors and internal staff of the new Opel Corsa. And, with the concept and the direction of Giumelli agency, as well as the technological intervention of Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group, it got it.

The event was divided in two parts: the first was drawn on the claim It's Corsa Time, while the second, revealing the product, was centred on the theme The Stars' Night.

Everything began at Rome's Congress palace. Both the Opel Italia CEO Roberto Matteucci and the marketing director Nicola Benai gave two speeches in the Auditorium, supported by a spectacular full HD live broadcast three-camera direction whose images were reproduced on the big screen through two high brightness projectors operating in blending, thanks to a sophisticated emission direction running the graphics contributions and the show-flow of both emotional and product videos, as well as the live feed. The impressive lighting system, integrated by LED bars and moving colour-changing tools, stressed the mood of the event by wrapping the participants in a network of highly emotional colour effects.

After the presentation the technical training on the product started off. Nine rooms were involved, where as many instructors took turns presenting three different thematic lines, with the support of HD video projection systems in every room.

And then, off to the second part, in Cinecittà World. 18 cars arrived behind the guests, and as the lights turned on participants were invited to examine them, whilst a two-camera full HD studio direction as well as a mobile radio camera caught even the minute details of the cars and of the satisfied expressions of the audience. The images were broadcast on the large LED screens placed at the entrance of the park.

The evening then continued with various leisure activities culminated in an unprecedented duet between the renowned artists Fiorello and Claudio Baglioni.