Rome, La Sapienza University (Main Hall), October 16 th 2015

Maker Faire’s opening conference has summed up the spirit of the event: much concept, many ideas, many inventions, so that the ribbon-cutting ceremony was performed by none other than Walkman the Robot and its inventor Roberto Cingolani, from the Italian Institute of Technology. The conference was attended by 600 people, among whom the singer Caterina Caselli, Dario Pagani (ENI’s executive vice president), Carlotta Ventura of Telecom Italia and Josh Walden, Intel. Among the authorities, in addition to the University dean Eugenio Gaudio, also the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome Lorenzo Tagliavanti and the Lazio Region Governor Nicola Zingaretti. Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group has provided all the audio, video and lighting services.

On a tough schedule, always moderated by Riccardo Luna, the event gave way to a show of sounds, colours and atmospheres thanks to a big 16/9 screen positioned behind the speakers and supported by another one, vertically shaped, on which full length shots showed up alternated to details of what was happening on stage. Everything was managed by a sophisticated emission direction running both graphic contributions and the live footage made by a three-camera full HD direction.

The Main Hall had been voiced by two last generation line arrays as well as by a front fill on the stage, guaranteeing perfect sound to the whole of the environment. The lighting system is worth a mention too, tailored made as well, and aimed at enhancing each single speech.