Rome, congress palace, October 3 rd - 6 th 2013


Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group supported with its own technology and expertise the first European exhibition of new inventors, which had a major impact on all media, organized and promoted by Asset-Camera (Rome).

Presented approximately 200 projects that will change our lives: from the 3D printer to the digital eyeglasses that record what one is watching. Numerous shows and events with top level speeches, including the one by the Ceo of Intel Brian Krzanich, enhancing the interest and the enthusiasm of the audience, massively gathering.

The atmosphere was dazzling and extremely addictive. Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group supported it with a sparkling and creative project that took shape first of all in the big plenary room.

Two high brightness projectors spread the live images, shot by a three-camera full HD direction, as well as all the contributions. Pictures, artwork, movies etc converged on two large screens in widescreen format (over 16/9), one of which was vertical: on it was projected a molded version of the live shots, sorting a very innovative visual effect.

Important, as and perhaps even more than usual, the emission direction, which allowed a very complex show flow consisting of as many as 120 video contributions and numerous graphics.

The in-house sound system was integrated with digital processors and a front fill newly created for the occasion. The result was a superbly accurate sound quality and fullness.

In the public areas were placed six large screens which, through a centralized direction, allowed everyone to watch live the works in the plenary as well as in the nine rooms on the first floor, where the program of seminars and parallel conferences was carried on.

Here follows the email message of the organizer, sent to Tecnoconference Europe at the end of the event: «I ​​would like to say thank you for your usual professionalism, patience and availability. Thank you for your good mood which never fails. Thank you for the professionalism of the whole team. Thank you».