Milan, Super Studios, November 17 th 2018

Two thousand people took part in the 2018 National Assembly of the Italian Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Business, held in the presence of both the national president and secretary general, Daniele Vaccarino and Sergio Silvestrini, and of our deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, who held a passionate speech. At the opening of the assembly, after a choreography depicting the "momentum" and a flash mob with acrobats of Cirque du Soleil, as a metaphor dedicated to those who every day help build Italy, a message from Head of State Sergio Mattarella was read. Tecnoconference Europe-Del Fio provided all the technologies and technical services.

Many topics were addressed: budget law, Europe, innovation, globalization, growth and security.
On a large ledwall of over 100 square meters, live images taken from a four-camera video direction ran along with numerous contributions, managed by a sophisticated emission direction.

Particularly striking was the filming of the opening acrobatic performances, which required the use of a "crane", i.e. a camera on a movable arm, securing stunning shots complying with the highest broadcast standards, widely used in television as well as in the movies.

A mighty lighting system with over 50 motorized headlights illuminated the stage and the hall and contributed with atmosphere effects to reinforce the emotional impact of the introductory show.

The audio system got complex, built as it was on thirty heads in line array to solve the acoustic problems of a very reverberating environment and to give consistency and clarity to the sound.
Tecnoconference Europe also streamed the event on the confederation website, and supported the president's report with the teleprompter, in the most modern version with reflecting mirrors.