Rome, Koch Palace, May 31 st 2011

As every year Bankitalia's meeting has attracted over 450 people, including many authorities and the most important bankers. The Governor Mario Draghi held its usual important report, the last before his appointment as President of the European Central Bank.

Tecnoconference Europe provided ​​video broadcast-level footage with a three-camera full HD direction, which allowed the complete documentation of the meeting. It moreover provided a mobile HD video recording service and live streaming on the Bank of Italy's website, enabling more than 3,000 remote users to follow the proceedings live.
At the end, the videotape was edited on site with a specific digital system, producing a five-minute "pill" containing the final remarks of Governor Draghi. The contribution, properly compressed, was immediately placed on Bank of Italy's website.
The crowded press room was linked with large closed-circuit monitors allowing reporters to follow the works in the main room and providing the many radio and television networks with broadcast video and audio signals.