Ordinary and elective CNA assembly

Rome, Auditorium della Conciliazione, October 27 th - 28 th 2017

A ship: this was the setting, representative of today's Italy, chosen for this year's CNA assembly.
The symbolic welcome on board was given by president Daniele Vaccarino, who was confirmed at the
head of the association for the next four years.

The President of the Chamber of Deputees Laura Boldrini, the Minister for Labour and Social Policies Giuliano
Poletti and the Minister of Education, University and Research Valeria Fedeli attended the event.

More than 1,500 participants crowded the hall in a proposing and energetic atmosphere: suffice to say that 50
dancers in an exciting opening flash mob represented the many souls of the Italian entrepreneurial system,
made up of craftsmen as well as of small and medium-sized enterprises.
View the flash mob.
Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group carried out a very complex intervention, coordinating and producing
all the communication.

The technology of the event was based on a large curved superwidescreen, inserted in the set-up, on which
the communication flowed (walk-in animations, graphics and full-screen slides), as well as the live images
shot by a full-HD three-camera direction and numerous other contributions (live connections, movies and
speech-support). All this, thanks to a sophisticated emission direction, appeared within three large windows
on a single animated background. The projection took place through three DLP video projectors that spread
images without distortion, thanks to a sophisticated geometric correction module. Tecnoconference Europe
also provided the audio system based on two line arrays, thus guaranteeing exceptional sound quality, and
set up both the busy press area (100 journalists) and the foyer with closed circuit monitors allowing the media
and all the attendees to follow the work in the hall. Furthermore, a live tweeting and streaming service was
supplied on the web, on Facebook and on YouTube.
President Vaccarino's speech was supported by the teleprompter: Tecnoconference Europe adopts the most
modern version, with ultra-bright special transparent screens.