Rome, Congress palace, , September 6 th - 9 th 2016

2,300 people participated in this great event, the annual symposium of the Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism. Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group was requested the production of all the communication, the coordination and the delivery of audio, video and lighting. As many as twenty technicians had been engaged full time for one week.

In the Salone della cultura, where the plenary lectures and the opening and closing ceremonies were held, attended by 1,500 people, was mounted a large ledwall where graphics contributions alongside ppt files were displayed (captions and animated background), as well as the lighting system for both background and stage. The hall, through a CCTV system in optical fibre was connected to the auditorium (800 seats), so that all participants could attend the events taking place in the main room. There were also two large halls of 500 seats each where the workshops and the satellite symposia were carried out. One single computerized slide centre served all the rooms (hall and auditorium included) by centralizing every aspect of communication.

The television coverage was entrusted to an HD video direction that in addition to shooting the event allowed the closed-circuit connection with the auditorium.