Ventotene, August 22 nd 2016

The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the French President Francois Hollande met off the coast of the island of Ventotene on August 22nd for a summit on the aircraft carrier Garibaldi, who held the prestigious role of Italian Navy’s flagship until 2011.

Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group, with a huge production and organizational effort, provided all the audio video and lighting.

The thing proved to be powerful, considering that the appointment took place last minute, a few days before the event, and furthermore in the midst of the summer holidays.

The enthusiasm and the dedication of all the staff people have allowed an exceptional performance, up to the importance of this summit.

Two highlights. The main one was the press conference on the landing deck of the ship, which is by far the most complex to manage, because, as it is easily understood, an aircraft carrier is not a conference room, and every time a helicopter landed and took off again – creating 40 nodes wind within 500 meters – it was necessary to disassemble and reassemble everything.

Tecnoconference Europe, despite these limitations, has set up the simultaneous translation system (a special infrared diffusion device working in bright sunlight too) for all the 300 journalists and the delegations attending, as well as a powerful audio system, the signal distribution to the various television networks and the lighting system for the Italian Tv shooting, in a very short time and with maximum efficiency.

Actually the services transmitted live on Sky, Mediaset and Rai News certify it.

After the press conference there was the trilateral meeting, behind closed doors, in the Officers Club of the aircraft carrier, for the three leaders with their staffs.

Tecnoconference Europe has prepared the simultaneous translation system (Italian, German and French) as well as the conference system and the AutoDome shooting for the interpreters.