Pompei (NA), Teatro Grande degli Scavi, June 20 th 2015

The scene of the TED Conference held in the ruins of Pompeii during the evening of the summer solstice under the technical direction of Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group was truly evocative, memorable, one of a kind – for once the expression is not abused. The conference was strongly supported by the anchorman Riccardo Luna, who brought on stage so many familiar faces such as the science writer Alberto Angela, the singer Malika Ayane, the writer Roberto Saviano, the comedian Arturo Brachetti as well as scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and many other personalities.

TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) is a format of conference born in the nineties in California and become famous throughout the world since 2006, when the Internet has raised its videos. The speakers are placed one by one inside a red circle in the centre of the stage, under the white lights of the reflectors. Behind them the red logo TEDx stands out.

The greatest difficulty, given the environment, was definitely the sound in the theatre, which had to allow the anchorman to move around and capture the emotions and the comments of the audience after each intervention. This was made possible thanks to a number of high-efficiency and high-directionality speakers, forming a massive system of front fill, as well as to two clusters per side synchronized to perfection. A latest generation wireless microphone system guaranteed both accuracy and reliability.

But the intervention of Tecnoconference Europe involved also the lighting system: with a spectacular par-LED, spot lights and moving change-colour lights set, all the ruins framing the agora, including the colonnade from which the guests entered, were architecturally lit, so enhancing their majestic beauty. The ruins of Pompeii have relived, for one evening, presenting their ancient magic through a play of light and shade.

Important was also the three-camera full HD video direction, very intense because of the times, made tight (as in a live broadcast) by the format constraints. A high brightness projector (necessary since the show started at 9:00 pm, thus under abundant sunlight), managed by a dedicated emission direction, alternated on a big screen live footage to graphic contributions.