Rome, Convention Center La Nuvola, May 26 th 2018

The fifth edition of TEDxRoma was inspired by Esperanto, the universal language developed at the end of the nineteenth century by the Polish ophthalmologist Zamenhof to let all the peoples dialogue in the name of peace and brotherhood. The event was named "Esperanto. Empowering Through Neutrality". At Fuksas' Nuvola, 18 of the most innovative minds came from all over the world, alongside an audience of about 2,000 people. Rome's TED – Technology, Entertainment and Design – was organized by a team of volunteers led by Organizer Emilia Garito, with the patronage and collaboration of Roma Capitale – Department of Cultural Growth. Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group supported them, in the management of all technical services.

On stage a scene typically displaying the TED mood: 3 large screens to project video content and keynote, full HD live broadcast. TEDx has chosen Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group as a technological partner and sponsor in kind to showcase the event through a lighting, scenographic and architectural system in compliance with the standards of TED's worldwide format. To complete the services, an emission direction managed both video contributions and keynote in full HD to support the speakers.

On the usual circular red carpet the speakers alternated every 18 minutes, showing to the audience projects and visions on how technology, digital, communications, art, ethics, science and research can overcome prejudices and divisions of the contemporary world, thus promoting a virtuous change in the different areas in which humanity is called to go forward every day.