Rome, Palace of the Constitutional Court, Spada Palace, Palace of Justice, May 25 th - 26 th 2017

This meeting, that can be considered as the "G7 Summit of European Justice", was held in Rome in the
three general districts of Italian ordinary and administrative Justice: the Constitutional Court, the Council of
State and the Supreme Court of Cassation.
Tecnoconference Europe–Del Fio Group has provided the event with important technological support.

The event brought together 250 judges from the 27 EU countries and was held in three half days in a row
from the afternoon of May 25th in the Conference Room of the Constitutional Court, then continuing on the
morning of 26th at Palazzo Spada (headquarters of the Council of State) and ending up in the afternoon of the
same day in the Main Hall of the so-called Palazzaccio, headquarters of the Supreme Court of Cassation.
In each of these three venues, Tecnoconference Europe-Del Fio Group provided the three-language simultaneous
translation system (250 receivers) plus the interpreter booths, supporting them with tailored video shooting
transmitted in closed-circuit mode.