For the new national office of CNA, Rome, February 28 th 2013

Tecnoconference Europe has signed a major contract with CNA (the Italian Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises) for the supply and installation of technological systems in the various rooms of the new national headquarters’ building in Rome.



The design solution has as its objective the realization of an innovative integrated system for audiovisual communication, very advanced and with a level of technology suitable to the development of global communication applications.

The development of the installation is large, articulated as it is along as many as seven floors, including an auditorium, several meeting rooms, a presidential/Board of Directors room and a boardroom. It will provide entirely new types of interaction with anyone in any part of the globe for conferences, meetings, seminars, presentations, e-learning, virtual interactive conferencing, making direct intervention possible for hundreds of participants as well as multiple speakers, even for working groups, with tailored collaboration tools, dedicated interfaces and custom tools. One will be able to manage simultaneously both audio-video streaming and data, with the advantage of creating collaborative tools to share information and manage remote processes. Such technologies allow both two-way communication (point to point) and multipoint-to-multi-user, letting at the same time the use of the very many Lan and Web resources. All the chosen equipment and components are high quality, fully reliable and recently introduced in the market.



The system configuration, especially designed and proposed by our staff, allows, through a sophisticated home automation system, to manage, from one single centralized location, all the different audiovisual and multimedia systems and their applications, independently and as simply as you can imagine, using the latest audiovisual technologies, without the need for specialist knowledge in professional audio/video.