Rome, Palalottomatica, October 10 th 2012

A huge event, attended by 5,000 boys and girls, aged between 12 and 16 years, to discuss and debate about the school that is changing with the introduction of tablets, digital whiteboards, broadband. The meeting was conducted by Riccardo Luna, expert on new media, with outstanding keynote speakers such as Bunker Roy, famous educator and activist in India, and Italy’s Education Minister Francesco Profumo.



Remarkable the intervention of Tecnoconference Europe, aimed primarily at solving the problems of a location acoustically difficult as Palalottomatica. An impressive sound system was set up, capable of over 60,000 watts, with two clusters of 18 elements each, a huge front fill and a delay to cover the large area. The broadcast full HD video direction took four cameras in studio version. Powerful the lights, thanks to the use of more than one hundred motorized “colour change heads to colour the impressive set design and create light technology, thus giving further appeal to the mood of the event. In addition, thirty shapers guaranteed proper white lighting on the stage for television shooting.

The stage measured as many as 27 meters, with three screens 9 x 5 m each, on which three projectors acted with a power of 20,000 ansilumens. The screens were used both independently from each other and with graphics with no continuity gap, due to the use of the very latest media server Watch Out.



The emission direction, remarkable too, was endowed with five graphic processors on a standard even higher than full HD, which not only ran the various movie contributions, as well as graphics and live images, but also created a real TV program for live streaming, thus inserting both the shootings and the other images/slides in a tailored graphic frame. All the audio and video signals were digital and the connections were in optical fibre.