21 October 2023

We celebrate Success with BancaMediolanum BM

We are still enraptured by the sparkling energy of the Banca Mediolanum Prize

#ioguidoilcliente, who lit up the Rome Convention Center La Nuvola last 21 October 2023.

On this memorable evening, we celebrated together the success of the objectives achieved by Banca Mediolanum and underlined the fundamental importance of the customer, with the incisive slogan “The Customer at the Center”.

For the success of the event we have deployed our best services:

For the Auditorium, a “technical” scenography composed of ground truss elements and flightcases, stage and room lighting with gobos for light effects on the vault, a microphone system designed specifically for the performer and video projection blending.

For the Forum, sound and lighting system for welcome speeches, buffet lighting and photo booths for guests.

Among the most exciting moments of the evening: the arrival of Enrico Brignano. The famous Italian comedian gave the audience an unforgettable show, provoking thunderous laughter and warm applause. His presence added a touch of glamour and fun to the event, making it even more memorable for everyone present.

Banca Mediolanum has clearly demonstrated that when the customer is at the centre, success is inevitable. And we can only agree!

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